If you currently Invoice Finance or have ever considered Invoice Discounting you need to read this market update

To support your Cashflow as you plan to come out lockdown and assess the true financial impact on your business read on, whilst the Govt support of CBIL and Bounce Back loans can provide excellent and invaluable short term Cash relief, you need to plan your Cash longer term and ensure that your business has a fall-back position to meet any eventualities at this uncertain time. You may not be aware that you can now secure and immediately receive the Cash value of up to 100% prepayment of the value of your good debtors through a Govt top-up facility ( for the top-up which could be 30% there is no discount/interest paid on this element for the first twelve months (paid for by the British Business Bank).

Additionally, you can also be considered for a top-up term loan up to a maximum 40% of the total Invoice Finance facility limit, repayable up to 5 years, interest-free for the first twelve months (again paid for by the British Business Bank). Capital Repayment holidays can also be considered for up to 6 months on a case by case basis, to further protect Cash (clearly each business is reviewed on its own merits and all subject to underwriting)

For this and other practical Cashflow planning options please do contact JamesField Executive, no obligation or fee we have over 30years experience working with businesses, we look forward to hearing from you

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