Recognising the value of building closer long-term relationships, at James Field Executive we are working closely with new and existing clients by offering the opportunity to receive a no fee, no obligation Commercial Business Review (CBR). By getting to know our clients better and understanding their objectives we are able to help more effectively. The CBR represents a key reference document going forward.

The CBR is completed by the MD at James Field Executive, Kevin Harfield who has 30 years experience working with SMEs, previously in Corporate/Commercial Banking and currently acting in the role of FD advisory across a number of dynamic businesses. A trusted and experienced Business Advisor – accredited by the Government’s Growth Accelerator Scheme. The Review will only take an hour of your time.

What does the commercial business review cover?

Funding – Understanding that the Businesses Objectives/Strategy drive Funding Implications, the review looks at over 14 funding options, which include:

  • Structuring Senior Debt and Equity Funding/Mezzanine/Peer to Peer Funding
  • Working Capital Review/Trade Finance/Credit Insurance/Pricing
  • Asset Finance/Contract Hire
  • Exit/Succession Planning/ Acquisition
  • Grants
  • Overseas trading – import/export funding lines
  • Supply Chain Finance

Over 20 other Key Commercial Areas are also reviewed, including:

  • Shareholder Agreement/Shareholder Protection
  • Pension Review/AutoEnrol ready
  • Commercial Property into SIPP/SASSs
  • R&D Credits/Investment/Capital Allowances/ECAs/Patent Box
  • Rent Deposits
  • CGT/IHT/Entrepreneurs Relief/BPR
  • Fixed Diesel Prices

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